Droppie was a geolocational picture sharing app. There was no timeline or feed - everything was built around the map. Users could place a picture where they took it and wait for others to pick it up once they got close enough. A conversation between the two could be started afterwards. The picture would disappear after being picked up 3 times. When the app reached a sufficient userbase, location-based ads were placed at certain places. Droppie could target based on the users’ interests, gender, age, engagement and multiple other factors.

Martin Herman, the founder of Powerful Digital, co-founded Droppie in October 2014. Within a year, the project raised funding from US-based VCs, moved to San Diego and received several awards, including 2nd place at the V4 Startups hosted by the Silicon Valley Forum. The team also attended TechCrunch Disrupt NYC and recieved guidance from mentors such as Anton Zajac (co-founded ESET) and Ken Ryan (managing partner at KPMG) over time.


  • Objective-C with numerous frameworks, including AFNetworking, GPUImage, MagicalRecords and GPSKit
  • Backend writen in Python, hosted on Google Compute Engine, while also using many other Google Developer services
  • Database built on Google Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Datastore



  • The project runway was from March 2014 until October 2015, with almost a year spent in the US startup ecosystem
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