Mealur Venues is an iPad app made for the staff of restaurants and bars that are listed on Mealur. Using this app, they can manage menus, inventory and incoming orders. After the staff accepts the order, the customer is periodically updated on the status using push notifications.

We suggested this solution to the client, because it is highly adaptable. 3rd-party software can be integrated with ease and the app can be quicklyt adjusted for use with iPhones in the future - if every staffmember carries a device. With upgrades to come, Mealur Venues will also be capable of handling all orders in a venue, including those placed in person, expanding Mealur’s business model even further.


  • Objective-C with numerous frameworks, including SZTextView, AJWValidator and JGProgressHUD
  • Payements transacted via Braintree
  • Backend based on Parse Server (Express / node.js / JavaScript), hosted on Heroku
  • Database built on MongoDB (mLab)



  • Mealur was built as a platform, with all apps completed in 2 months
  • Mealur and Mealur Venues were developed parallely, in about 4 weeks
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