Mentors Club allows mentors to connect with their peers in one-on-one sessions. We believe, that the trigger for a mentoring session is much stronger if the peers see their mentor in person first, so the app is aimed at conferences and in-house education programmes hosted by big corporations. The client, a marketing veteran, came to us with an excelent channel to enter the mentoring market, but needed to finalise his idea and find a viable business plan.

With the client hands-off, Powerful Digital created an app concept that could be executed within weeks, including a business plan and a go-to-market strategy that fit the network the client has access to.


  • Objective-C with numerous frameworks, including Parse and PubNub
  • Messaging and Push notifications via PubNub
  • Backend based on Parse Server (Express / node.js / JavaScript), hosted on Heroku
  • Database built on MongoDB (mLab)



  • Business plan and product design completed within a 3 day hackathon, as per the client's requirements
  • 4 weeks of software development
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