My Bible is a highly personalized Bible reading app. The client requested a wide spectrum of features, virtually fusing together an e-reader, dictaphone and note taking app. With multiple different interpretations of every Bible verse, recordings of sermons and a long archive of your personal notes and thoughts, My Bible offers a truly unique experience.

With so many features, organizing the client’s ideas was an undertaking on its own. We drew numerous wireframes, looking for the most user-friendly way to incorporate all requested features, while creating a beautiful custom design. After a final design was found, we continued development with the client completely hands-off. We acquired all neccessary texts and materials, dealing with all copyright licenses in-house.


  • Swift 3 with numerous frameworks, including Kingfisher, ObjectMapper and Almofire
  • Backend written in NodeJS, hosted on DigitalOcean
  • Databases built on MySQL and MongoDB



  • 3 weeks of extensive prototyping, wireframing and design modifications
  • 6 weeks of software development
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