Price Insight is a white-label app developed in collaboration with our Chicago based partner Ceremity LLC. It allows drivers to easily find fueling and maintenance sites across the United States by price, distance and fuel type. There are over 160 000 locations and an extensive range of features, including voice notifications, filters, background location updates and a trip planner to help plan longer journeys based on fuel prices and discount cards.

As this a white-label app where features differ from client to client, considerable time and effort went into building a modular project. This way the app can be compiled to fit the client’s branding and feature requirements without us having to develop several apps parallely.


  • Objective-C with numerous frameworks, including AFNetworking and CCHMapClusterController
  • Other technical specifications are confidential as per the clients’ request 



  • We hopped on a running train with this one, quickly getting accustomed to the development practices of our partner’s dev team.
  • This is a long running project, likely to go on for several more years.
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